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Good quality Climatic Test Chamber for sales
Good quality Climatic Test Chamber for sales
Customer Reviews
The quality of the Climatic Test Chambers are quite good. They really save my cost a lot.

—— Parkour Pierre

The Thermal Shock Test Chamber is Completely Good Quality, Working Very Well!

—— Alex

MENTEK makes awesome climate testing equipment for us which has always supported us in our product reliability, quality, compatibility and safety. We are very pleased to work with them.

—— Ing. Robert Meier

It's really a good partner for us who we could place our trust in till now from China.

—— Danny Mark

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QC Profile

All MENTEK test chamber and oven are designed and manufactured according to all relevant European-Union [EU] standards,codes and regulations for electrical, environmental and user safety for such industrial equipment and thermal process. All material and equipment’s are from well-known EU brands and comply with all EU standardization systems [ISO, CE, DIN] and are fully safe for user in laboratory or  industrial manufacturing plant.Mentek guarantees that all the environmental chambers provided are brand new and unused,and the warranty period is 12 months (or more longer as talked with customers in advance) and the warranty period for the contracted goods is calculated after the customer receives the goods.


Quality Control System


1. The quality control of the product covers all aspects from the raw material to the product after sale. Mentek Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. strictly abides by the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and conducts product design, development, manufacturing, and testing in accordance with internationally advanced standards.

2. We adhere to the zero-tolerance to quality, not to allow substandard products into the next process, to ensure that each product is 100% tested, 100% qualified. Therefore, from the review of the contract, to the procurement of raw materials, to the product delivery test, all levels are checked, and there are records at all levels, and the records are traceable.


Material and Supply Chain Control

1) We totally understand that the quality of raw materials is the basis of product quality. Therefore, each batch of raw materials entering the factory should be tested according to the standard. As for the core components, we adopted “zero-defect” sampling plan.

2). Mentek establishes a scientific supplier management system and conducts assessments based on high-quality standards. It continuously increases the import efforts of international and domestic first-rate suppliers and ensures the high quality level of raw materials.


Product Inspection

1). Mentek has full-time inspectors to test in every link of production. And each link has adopted a “zero defect” management plan to ensure substandard semi-finished products cannot enter the next process.

2). From SMT to DIP, to complete machine testing, retain complete test data, timing statistics and analysis. Respond quickly to abnormal situations and organize corrective prevention by professional quality engineers.


Customer Complaints

Mentek testing equipment Co.,Ltd has built customer data management for every customer. And this helps us in responding in a timely manner when it comes to customer complaints and demands, organizing relevant departments and personnel to conduct in-depth research, and formulating scientific and reasonable corrective measures.


Always Keep Improving

1). Mentek testing equipment Co.,Ltd will always strive to improve quality management, improve product quality, and continuously satisfy customer satisfaction.

2). Continuous improvement is one of the most basic features for quality management system requirements. Mentek regularly(at least every 3 month) researches the latest technical standards, the latest product models, advanced quality control methods, and combines actual conditions to continuously improve design and processes, improve quality management, and ultimately continuously improve product quality and service levels.


1. MENTEK guarantees that all the environmental chambers provided are brand new and unused.


2. The warranty period is 12 months (or more longer as talked with customers in advance) and the warranty period for the contracted goods is calculated after the customer receives the goods. We guarantee the safe and reliable operation to the goods under the correct installation and normal operation conditions. During the warranty period, if the environmental chamber provided by us are found to be defective and do not meet the contractual requirements, the buyer may file a claim to us.


3. MENTEK will repair, replace or compensate the buyer for damages as requested by the buyer. If it needs to be replaced, we will promptly replace it with qualified and high-quality products. All costs incurred by us shall be borne by us. If we disagree with the claim, it shall be submitted in writing within 30 days after receipt of the buyer’s claim notice. Otherwise, it shall be deemed as acknowledging the buyer’s claim.


4. Our designated sales manager for this project is responsible for coordinating the seller’s various tasks throughout the project in every situation such as: project schedule, design and manufacturing, drawing documents, manufacturing confirmation, packaging and transportation, on-site installation, commissioning and acceptance.


Quality assurance commitment



5. The expiration of the quality guarantee period cannot be considered as the release of our responsibility for the potential defects in the contracted goods which may cause damage to the contracted goods. In the event of potential defects in the contracted goods during the life of the contracted goods, the buyer has the right to require us to repair or replace the defective goods in a timely manner.


6. During the life of the environmental chamber, when we discover that there is a potential defect or a principle failure of the goods, we will notify the buyer in writing at the first time.


7. For Mentek environmental chamber, we use proven and mature technologies and materials that have proven operational experience; if we use new technologies and materials that we have not used in the past, we have prior consent from the buyer. The buyer’s consent does not relieve or exempt us from our obligations under this contract. We shall be responsible for all quality issues of the equipment and components purchased by us from our suppliers.


8. If the goods provided by us are defective, or due to technical data errors, our technical personnel’s guidance is wrong, causing the goods to be scrapped or the work to be reworked, we shall replace or compensate the buyer for the losses incurred thereby. The time limit for the replacement or repair of the contracted goods by us shall be subject to the agreement of both parties. If the replacement or repair work is not completed within the time limit, it shall be treated as a delayed delivery.


9. If the buyer fails to install, operate, or maintain according to the technical data, drawings, or instructions provided by us, or if it is caused by non-usual technical personnel, the buyer is responsible for the repair or replacement. However, we are obligated to provide the necessary For the replacement parts, we shall arrange for the buyer to send the buyer the fastest parts to the buyer.


10. In the period from the date of delivery of the Mentek environmental chamber to the place of delivery until the end of the quality assurance period, if the environmental chamber provided by us are found to be defective and does not comply with the provisions of this contract, the buyer has the right to choose and we shall take the following Remedy:


Return Policy


1) Price Reduction

With the agreement of the buyer and the seller, the defective contract goods will be processed for price reduction. We will return the difference between the original contract price of the defective contract goods and the reduced price to the buyer


2) Compensation

Except as agreed, we will compensate the buyer for the losses incurred due to the defects in the contracted goods.

The purchaser’s choice of any of the above remedial measures does not relieve or exempt our liability for breach of contract under the contract.


3) Return and Refund the money

The buyer returned the defective contracted goods to us, and we were responsible for transporting the returned contracted goods out of the installation site.In such circumstances, we shall refund the money received for the contracted goods and bear the costs of installation, disassembly, transportation, insurance and purchase of substitutes for the purchaser’s expenses.


Quality Assurance Commitment



11. Accroding to the quality assurance commitment, We provide follow-up/after-sales service in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the country and the parties’ agreement.

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    Standard:ISO 9001:2015


    Issue Date:2018-03-05

    Expiry Date:2021-03-04

    Scope/Range:Environmental Chambers

    Issued By:Beijing HangXin Certification

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    Issue Date:2014-12-08

    Scope/Range:Environmental Chambers

    Issued By:Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co.,Ltd

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    Standard:OHSAS 18001:2007


    Issue Date:2015-01-12

    Scope/Range:Environmental Chambers

    Issued By:Occupation Health Safety Management System

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    Standard:Good Faith Enterprise

    Issued By:China Quality Guarantee and Credible Enterprises Association

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